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Dark Skin Brightening Pack

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Skin Brightening pack is a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing and revitalizing dark skin tones. This specialized formula works effectively to combat various skin issues, such as blemishes, sun tan, and dullness. By targeting skin pigmentation and dark spots, it promotes a more even and radiant complexion.

Packed with antioxidants, this formulation acts as a potent detoxifier, purging the skin of impurities and promoting a healthier appearance. It not only improves skin tone and complexion but also enhances skin softness, leaving behind a natural glow that radiates vitality.

With its oil-absorbing properties, this product helps to mattify the skin while eliminating excess oil and impurities, contributing to a clearer and more refined complexion. Furthermore, it serves as an exfoliant, effectively sloughing away dead skin cells and tightening pores for a smoother texture.

By shielding the skin from free radical damage, this formulation helps to maintain its youthful appearance and vitality over time. Enriched with essential nutrients such as zinc, Vitamin B, and iron, it actively promotes skin health, ensuring a revitalized and rejuvenated complexion with continued use.


Benefits of Skin Brightening Pack :

Reduce blemishes sun tan and dullness

Fights skin pigmentation and dark spots

Antioxidants and great detoxifier

Improve skin tone complexion and softness in the skin and provide natural glow

Absorbs oil and other impurities

Exfoliate the skin and tighten the pores

Protect skin from free radical damage

Contains zinc Vitamin B and iron promote skin health
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Key Ingredients:

Masoor daal

Chana daal

Bentonite Clay

Kaolin Clay


Multani mitti



Lemon and many more

How to Apply :

  • Mix with rose water or curd and apply on your dark area of the body like knee elbow under arms, hands, legs etc..
  • Apply 2 times in a week, continue 2-3 months for best results


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