Miss. Pooja Shetye, a passionate entrepreneur who believes in the power of Indian Ayurvedic herbs. From childhood she had been always drawn towards herbs, plants which developed in her a keen interest in Ayurveda and ayurvedic curing. Her passion has led her to start Vrikshanic, which is an Ayurvedic and herbal cosmetic products company. The company is started with the aim of providing natural and chemical-free products to all the human kind joining the brand as it’s customers. This is no more just a passion but it becomes a Dream of young entrepreneur Miss. Pooja Shetye. She has a dream to promote this ancient Indian rituals (Make In India) in the world. Also, there are around 180+ Indian women including housewives and young females resellers got an opportunity to earn bread and butter to there families and she becomes a living proof of “Women Empowerment” and inspiration to thousands of people.Vrikshanic started as a door to door consulting service for years is now available online for better reach and servings alongwith its healthcare products . In these two years, Vrikshanic fast-tracked its journey from consulting company to a hand-crafted natural cosmetic product manufacturer. To date, Vrikshanic has served 30000+ happy customers.

Best Regards,

Miss. Pooja Shetye, CEO



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